Adeola Olagunju is an artist working with photography, video and installation. Recurring themes in her works are the Self, Memory, spirituality, healing and the social landscape.

She developed a deep interest in the Self as a space for investigation. The Self as being both, in body, in mind and in memory. In body, because the flesh is what conveys the human spirit, and as such she chooses this as a vehicle worthy of interrogation. In memory, because this is how we process and reflect on our personal inner narratives. As a result of these mutually entwined halves, her interests extends to the environment as it is ultimately the interactive medium through which the body and the memory subsist.
Her works have been shown in festivals, biennials and galleries in many countries around the world. She has undertaken artist residencies and participated in Photography Master classes extensively.

Adeola currently lives between Germany and Nigeria.