Navigating a Dark Space

A scar is the means by which a body carries the forgotten residue of a memory. In an alternate instance, the body heals, but the memory lingers on. Thus the Yoruba saying  Oju apa o le da bi oju ara which loosely translates that it is impossible for a scarred body to look the same after it has healed. The statement also alludes to healing that is beyond the physical. Andre Gide encapsulated my sentiments when he saidArt begins with resistance-at the point where resistance is overcome. But what kind of art can be made from acceptance?

Embracing my own darkness; became the tape-rule with which I measured the perimeters of my own weakness and fears. Through it, I summoned my inner strength and faith, rid myself of darkness and ignited a light from within.”

Navigating a Dark Space is an exploration of the period of liminality between the residue of trauma and the search for strength and Peace.


© Adeola Olagunju

Navigating a Dark Spacedeolagold