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The urban space becomes more and more important and the phenomena of urbanization can be observed globally. Until 2050 more than 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities. Therefore, the importance of cities is growing and the citizens influence the character/ creation of their cities. Cities are a mirror of the economic, political, and social developments and are in a permanent process of transformation. 

The photography exhibition „Urban Landscapes“ is a reflection on the dynamics and energies of people, the constant transformation of cities and the appearance of social contrasts.

The selected photographs portray different African cities and reflect the perspective of the photographers and their individual relations with the portrayed city. Cities are public spaces and call for interaction and creative interventions.

The exhibition „Urban Landscapes“ takes place in the framework of the festival Carrefour des Arts Plastiques (CAP) and relates to the theme “Public Space”.

Paysages Urbainsdeolagold

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  1. Marianne Harten on

    I know Adeola Olagunju. She won teh Young Artfundfund Amsterdam YAA Award 2013 ! Like to see more from her work.

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